28 Dec

About fifteen years ago, I used to see a six year old boy wake up early in the morning on each weekday, wear his safari suit which they called a uniform and walk a very long distance in the early morning breeze to reach school.

That sounds fine until you think hard about the design of the uniform, the harsh weather he used to endure and the distance to school. I can not describe the latter because I can not remember it well. However, no matter where you live or what season of the year it is, the weather at six in the morning is not anything you want to let a six year old walk through-especially in that outfit. The boy used to wear a short sleeved safari shirt. The pair of shorts were nothing short of perplexing. They could not even cover the little knees.

With the benefit of hindsight, I see him writing, reading, making complex calculations and teaching himself and others more. He is able to take advantage of the freedom to communicate because he has learnt how to do so in many different ways.

He has now been exposed to various topics in Mathematics, English, Commerce, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, Accounts, Finance and Economics just to mention a few.

With the people he meets through school, he has created networks of friends around the world. Many of these will end up as leaders in corporations and governments.

He is FREE to do as he wishes because he has LEARNT how to. Even when some people insult his achievement by telling him ‘education is nothing in this world’, he does not even bother because it is EDUCATION that has taught him that those people are trying to satisfy their empty egos.

It may and notice the use of the word MAY be true that education can not make you rich but it is also true that with all the benefits it comes with, it can make you avoid the poverty line.

You can help rub the thick poverty line by helping those close to you and beyond with EDUCATION. May heaven smile on you as you do so.


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